Meet our pastor

Tom Pool

Lead Pastor

Pastor Tom along with his wife Rhonda came on as our new pastor on September 12, 2012. Tom and Rhonda began their ministry with a love for young people. Their gifts of working with kids was a natural connection. They exhibited unconditional love and a non-judgmental spirit that was a blessing to their ministries. God accepted us when we were yet sinners, we must accept His people with the same heart.

With years of evangelism and church ministries, God has blessed them from Iowa, Tennessee, and Missouri. The plan was simple, love them like Jesus! We are to be what God has made us to be. Displaying his gifts and direction to reach and help build the Kingdom of God. As methods and music has changed throughout the years, on thing is forever true in all we do. Build on His foundation, communicate through prayer, and preach the Word of God. Now that  God has returned them to their homeland, the excitement of reaching out to the surrounding community is becoming the theme of the Heart of Worship.

For Pastoral Emergencies, please call (641) 780-2660